SERVPRO of El Cajon Employee Photos

A picture of one of our Crew members


Will is the Production Manager at SERVPRO of El Cajon and he plays a central role in ensuring that water and fire restoration and cleaning projects are executed seamlessly, meeting both SERVPRO of El Cajon standards and client expectations. Will provides a combination of leadership skills, technical knowledge, and effective communication. Will often serves as a point of contact between the SERVPRO of El Cajon team and clients. He communicates project updates, addresses client concerns, and work to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

A picture of one of our Crew members


Jose is a Lead Technician at SERVPRO of El Cajon. Jose is responsible for leading and directing a team of technicians during restoration projects. He provides guidance, assigns tasks, and ensures that team members are working together effectively. Jose plays a multifaceted role, encompassing leadership, coordination, technical expertise, and customer service to ensure the successful completion of water and fire restoration projects. responsible for leading and directing a team of technicians during fire and water restoration projects at SERVPRO of El Cajon.

A picture of one of our Crew members


Alejandro (Alex) is one of our Demolition crew members at SERVPRO of El Cajon. Alex is responsible for removing and disposing of materials that cannot be salvaged or restored due to water or fire damage. Demolition crew members work closely with other SERVPRO of El Cajon technicians, such as water damage restoration specialists, fire damage restorers, and mold remediation experts.

A picture of one of our Crew members


Gerson is a demolition crew member at SERVPRO of El Cajon. Gerson contributes to the restoration process by safely and effectively removing damaged materials from fire or water, making way for the reconstruction and restoration of the affected property. Demolition work can be hazardous, so Gerson as well as our other team members must adhere to strict safety protocols. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), using safety tools, and following established guidelines to minimize the risk of injury.

A picture of one of our Crew members


Eloy is our Lead Construction Manager at SERVPRO of El Cajon. Eloy makes sure that all construction work meets quality standards and adheres to regulations for water and fire restoration. As our Lead construction manager, Eloy implements quality control measures, conducts inspections, and addresses any issues affecting the quality of work. Coordinating with subcontractors, suppliers, and other vendors is part of his role. This includes negotiating contracts, managing relationships, and ensuring that all parties involved in the construction project are aligned with the project goals and our high standards here at SERVPRO of El Cajon.

A picture of one of our Crew members


Amanda is our Office Manager at SERVPRO of El Cajon.  Amanda coordinates the schedules for our technicians and other field staff and ensures that the right personnel and resources are allocated to different projects in a timely and efficient manner. Amanda maintains documentation related to compliance, certifications, and licensing while tracking projects, managing client information, and complying with industry regulations. Amanda plays a key role in maintaining positive relationships with clients during the fire and water restoration process at SERVPRO of El Cajon.

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Adan is our Crew Chief here at SERVPRO® of El Cajon.  His responsibilities include managing and completing jobs according to our SERVPRO processes per work order. He Responds to service calls, sets up and establishes efficient job flow, and coordinates requirements for the job.  He also completes job documentation, performs and supervises production work, and monitors assigned jobs from start to finish. Adan follows and enforces all safety procedures on the job sites. He is excellent at communicating and establishing relationships with commercial, insurance, and residential customers.

Picture of Sam our Crew Chief here at SERVPRO


Sam our Crew Chief here at SERVPRO of El Cajon plays a crucial role in ensuring that restoration and cleanup projects are carried out effectively and efficiently. Here's an overview of his responsibilities:

Sam is responsible for leading our team of technicians during restoration projects.  He oversees the entire restoration process, from initial assessment to completion.  Sam is the primary point of contact for clients throughout the restoration process. His technical expertise and quality control ensures that safety compliance is followed on every job. Sam plays a vital role in leading and coordinating restoration projects, ensuring that they are completed safely, efficiently, and to the satisfaction of our clients.

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